Tiffany Co. Photography | About
Hi! I'm Tiffany, the owner & photographer of Tiffany Co. Photography! I was born in 1991- raised in North Carolina and never plan on leaving this amazing place! After graduating High School in 2009, I wasn't quite sure what God had in store for my life & felt discouraged. While taking some pre-req classes at a community college & waiting on inspiration, I was introduced to the awesome photography program they offered. Sure, I enjoyed taking pictures with my little point & shoot camera, but the thought of taking on photography as a full time career had never crossed my mind, but I decided to give it a try. During the courses I was amazed by the amount of knowledge I gained about photography. Two years & many pictures later, I received my degree! During school, we were taught about the many different forms of photography, but I was inspired solely by portrait photography. Being able to capture raw emotion for someone to cherish forever fills my heart with joy. I've been asked what my favorite type of session is, but I can never honestly say… They're all my favorite & I LOVE my job!!!

But that's enough about me, I want to get to know YOU!!! [& take your picture] :)